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Bar Schönbrunn is continously looking for new girls. If you want to join to our team, please send us your CV, some images and few words about you.

Questions & Answers

What we are looking for?

We are looking for female hostesses aged between 18 and 30 to work full time in Bar Schönbrunn.

What money can you earn?

There is no limit! The better you entertain your customers, the more likely it is for them to spend more money to you!

What does Bar Schönbrunn offer?

Bar Schönbrunn is a safe, warm and professional workplace with great earning potential. Our management is friendly and offer to you a great working enviroment.

Also we can offer:
• Affordable housing close to the work place
• Safe and friendly working environment
• Showdance training free or charge

Where is Bar Schönbrunn?

Bar Schönbrunn is located near the Schönbrunn Palace, at Schönbrunnerschloßstraße 46. The Bar is one of the oldest and greatest Vienna brothels.

Contact us

You can contact us right now! Write us an email to
or call the Bar:

Do i have to pay anything to Bar Schönbrunn?

Absolutely No! You will have to pay nothing to Bar Schönbrunn to work and perforn in it. Usually in other Saunaclubs and Laufhauses you have to pay a financial commitment, in Bar Schönbrunn you have not!

Is Bar Schönbrunn available on Social Networks?

Yes, and our other businesses, like Brothel Maxim Wien and Escort Girls Vieanna are as well. Be our fan and get the newest information real time! Just scroll down this webpage, and at the site footer, you will see our Social media links!


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